BeeBC Supports the Society

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In 2019, the BeeBC Program of the provincial government supported the society to complete the Bee Awareness Full Day Education Program for three schools in our area. This program includes: stories, games, outdoor activities, live observation bee hive as well as crafts and activities that provided them with take home actions that they could implement immediately to support honey bees and pollinators. These included seed bombs, mason bee hives and homemade lip balm, with Bee Awareness labels to remind them of their lessons.

It is extremely valuable to provide hands on activities and a kinaesthetic learning in the programs as well as entertaining the children through educational storytelling. These methods of delivery really enhanced the engagement of the students and increased retention. The Live Observation Bee Hive is a powerful tool in inspiring the children to take more active notice of their local outdoor environment and pollinators. They are able to create relationships and attachment with these colonies and therefore care more about what happens to them.

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